MYM #29 Tyler McCulluch – Making it Happen from Behind the Camera

The camera was almost as big as Tyler when he started making videos. It was his passion and it was what he pursued for a career. He did it as a job but then what happens when what happens happened. Life happened – he was laid off and he had a choice to make. Entrepreneurship or a JOB.

We all have those defining moments and what we decide can change our lives forever.

What would you decide?





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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

  • A JOB is not always secure. Tyler knows how that is.
  • Mentors are so important!
  • Being aware of your situation is important when deciding how to transition out of your job.
  • Having good support from friends and family helps!
  • When you are on your own you need to be self motivated. Your are now the boss.
  • Integrity helps you keep clients even when you mess up!