The resources you need to start and succeed at your ideal side hustle.

I only recommend resources that I either use or have created myself. There’s no hype, no pressure— It is always easier to do a job if you have the right tools. Have you ever tried to grate cheese with a knife? It can be done it is just harder and takes longer. I am sharing the right tools so you can succeed at your side hustle.

Identify Your Ideal Side Hustle

Are you overlooking opportunities that could be turned into a stream of income? Identify your ideal side hustle and create financial security by monetizing what you already know. That way you will have the resources to deal with what happens when what happens, happens. When life happens.

Bart Merrell Serial Entrepreneur


Create Multiple Streams of Income Course

Take your side hustle ideas and turn them into a stream of income. On average, millionaires have five to seven streams of income. This course is not about getting right quick or even getting rich, but most million-dollar ideas come out of a side hustle, job. This course is to help you create streams of income out of the ideas that you have identified in the Ideal Side hustle Course.

Bart Merrell Serial Entrepreneur

Turn Your Interests Into Income Workbook

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Bart Merrell Serial Entrepreneur

Monetize Your Mindset Book

Are you prepared for what happens when what happens, happens? When life happens? If not, what are you waiting for? A wake-up call? Don’t wait for a Wake-Up Call to get motivated to get prepared. Get an autographed copy of Bart’s book today and monetize you mindset.

“Simple yet profound masterpiece. You illuminate a revolutionary approach to creating and sustaining wealth.”

Dan Clark

New York Times Best Selling Author, Hall of Fame Speaker & University Professor

“…fundamentally changes the way you think about money.”

Ty Bennett

International Speaker, Author of Partnership Is The New Leadership

“…create residual income from [your] unique talents.”

Jason Hewlett

CSP, CPAE, Hall of Fame Speaker

…Monetize Your Mindset stimulated my thoughts more than anything I’ve read in a long time…

Linda Creswell

Mortgage Loan Officer, Credit Repair Specialist

“…creates a sense of hope. Our Mindset is worth more than we think.”

Paul H. Jenkins

Ph.D., Positivity Psychologist


If you are going to have a side hustle, you want to take advantage of all the tax benefits without your wife asking you every six months, “Can’t we throw these receipts out yet?” to which you yell back, “NO”. Taxbot is a safe, reliable and efficient way to keep track of your business deductions without all those boxes of receipts.


Are you interested in starting a podcast? I love Buzzsprout! it is easy to use. It the features make the difference. Plus the company is always giving tips and tricks to help your podcast succeed.


As a business owner one of your most important assets. companies using email marketing to nurture their customers and leads generate 50% more sales at 33% lower the cost. ConvertKit is great!

Wise Stamp

Make your emails stand out from the crowd with Wise Stamp. It is noisy out there in the marketing world today. How are you going to stand out? Your emails will stand out with a custom signature powered by Wise Stamp.


Stay on top of your clients’ mind with promotional materials for your side hustle from Queensboro. Whether it is company shirts, key chains, pens, hats or something that I haven’t mentioned, Queenboro is affordable, has great quality and low minimums.


Managing a side hustle with all the other activities pulling at you (Work, Family, School, Hobbies, etc.) can be hard. You need to stay organized.

  • Maintain your boundaries. You have 5 kyngdoms in your life. one with you and your higher power; you and your family; you and your fiends; you and your business associates; you and the world. The Kyngdom Organizer help keep your boundaries between these kyngdoms.
  • Show up better in all your kyngdoms. Continue to grow and be better for each kyngdom and help them be better for you.
  • We all have the same 24 hours to get things done, if you want to side hustle and still be happy you need to have good planning and time management. If you use the Kyngdom Organizer to its fullest you will find the time.

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