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I want you to imagine you are 65, take a cross section of you and 99 others that same age, they may be friends old classmates or whatever. Where are they now? How are they doing? Here are some statistics from the Social Security Administration: 25 are dead, 22 rely on charity or some other assistance, 49 have an annual income at or below poverty level and only 4 have an annual income of $40,000 or more. You’re probably thinking, that sucks for the other 96 of your friends but It looks like there is a 96% chance that you are going to be dead or dead broke at age 65. Is that what you had in mind for your retirement?

There is a need for multiple streams of income, a residual income! I have been there, where some big unexpected expense comes up and I really could have used that extra $500, $1,000 or $2000. Just last week I had a leak in the water main between my house and the water meter. That was an unexpected $2,000 expense. I aim to be prepared and have the resources for whatever happens when what happens happens! Nobody knows what the future hold! Let me work with you to find the multiple streams of income that is a fit for you and makes sense to you. There are different avenues to take a look at. Your position, interests and abilities will determine what we pursue for you or if we even pursue anything at all. Things we do know, we are getting older every day and before we know it we are at retirement age. How do you want that retirement to look for you?

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