MYM #91 Adulting Decrypted ~ Are Your Kids Being Prepared to be an Adult?

This was a fun and very different episode, I got four different opinions from four different age groups. We talk about opportunity, awareness, entrepreneurship and if they thought school was giving them the tools that they might need to be an entrepreneur or even a side hustler.

Roscoe shared how he is helping prepare his sons to take advantage of a world with so many opportunities all around them it they just are aware and take action. So many ways to make money doing what you like to do.

This is one for all ages.



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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

Adulting Decrypted shared a lot of valuable information on this podcast, here is a list of golden nuggets that I heard just to name a few!

  • Learn taxes as soon as you can so that you can legally take advantage of tax law and not get in trouble with the IRS.
  • It is so good to encourage your kids in their different ventures.
  • Schools don’t give you the tools that are needed if you want to be an entrepreneur.
  • There is a club called DECA that may help. If you want to learn about business.
  • We are not trying to sell any teachers short because many of them are great at what they do but maybe not so good at entrepreneurship.
  • Things change so fast that it is hard for the teachers and the schools to keep up.
  • Do your kids realize the importance and purpose of networking.
  • We live a world of great opportunity so keep your eyes open and pay attention to the opportunties that are all around you.
  • Back up plans are good but sometimes you just need to burn the ships and go for it!
  • Success is defined by you not by those around you.
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