MYM #88 Jenn Gibbs ~ What is the Value of Your Offer

Oh man, today I sat down with Jenn Gibbs and we talked coaching! There are coaches for everything, in different price ranges. How do you pick the right one for you? Are they worth what they charge? This is just part of what we discussed.

Jenn is a business and mindset coach. For decades she has been a student of personal development, subconscious mind and business.

Her first dozen business attempts ended in failure, teaching hard lessons first-hand about the struggles that face entrepreneurs desperately trying to build a profitable business.

Refusing to give up, and learning from her own mentors, Jenn discovered how to combine age old truths with some missing pieces, exponentially expanding her results. What she found took her from zero to exploding through the six figure ceiling year after year in her own business.

She shares some of what she has learned from her life lesson.

Have a listen in see if becoming a coach or hiring a coach is for you!



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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

Jenn shared a lot of valuable information on this podcast, here is a list of golden nuggets that I heard just to name a few!

  • If it can be done to 75% of how you would do it maybe you should delegate it out.
  • Sometimes you need to listen to poeple when they continually say you should be xyz.
  • If you bring in a coach and it improves your sales and makes you more money then it cost you money.
  • Claim your price and deliver that value.
  • Under pricing could lead to burnout and bad fellings.
  • Over pricing will lead to bad feeling from the customer.
  • There are responsibilities on both side of the transaction – the coach and the mentee.
  • If you come into a coaching situation just expecting the coach to wave a magic wand and you will be changed, you are wrong.
  • Delegating things out will free you up to live in your genius.
  • If you want be further on your own path, make sure your coach is further down that path.
  • If you are wanting be a coach be clear and specific on what you do and what is included.
  • Create the proper expectation and over deliver.
  • Our best thinking has got us where we are.
  • Better mindset leads to better resources.
  • As a coach you also need to set boundries.
  • Sometimes when you under charge maybe people will not have confidence in what you can do for them.
  • It is very important who you associate with.
  • Sometimes you have a coach just to make higher connections.
  • Make sure you don’t listen to the wrong advice from the wrong people.
  • If you haven’t had a failure it will be hard to coach someone who is having failures.
  • It is on us if we don’t put ourselve out there to help other poeple.
  • Don’t be your own naysayer.
  • Build a case for why you should do something!
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