MYM #82 Dr. Brandon Mitchell ~ A Primary Care Physician Model that Brings Back the Care

Dr Mitchell and his partner at Voyage Direct Primary Care are bringing back the Family Doctor, they put the Care back in Primary Care. The family doctor that I remember as a kid, we knew him and he knew us. As a kid growing up our doctor was Dr. Baxter. He could be reach almost anytime when he was needed. We were more than a number, we were a name, a family and a friend. 

Have a listen and see what you think of this model. I think it is a great idea and they are filling a need that is out there. That is what Monetize Your Mindset is about, finding a need and filling that need. 

Dr. Mitchell shared lots of great information about being in business for yourself  and being a doctor. 



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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

Dr. Brandon Mitchell shared a lot of valuable information on this podcast, here is a list of golden nuggets that I heard just to name a few!

  • Dr. Mitchell is a board certified Physician. And his office is a subscrition based model that takes the insurance companies out of the mix.
  • He started as a Chiropractor and then decided he could do more good if he had his MD as well.
  • They are like a Mayberry or House on the Prairie doctor.
  • They like to focus on prevention of problems before they become a problem.
  • When things get crazy in what ever area of your life, don’t panic you need to relax and act not react.
  • Best way of marketing for Dr. Mitchell and his offices has been word of mouth marketing. If you treat people right they will tell others.
  • Locate what you are looking for and make it yours.
  • Look for the real value in what you buy.
  • Anything good is worth the battle. You may have to struggle, it may be difficult at the beginning fight through it.
  • Find them on all the social channels under Voyage DPC.