MYM #78 Alden Sparks ~ Shut Up and Listen

Alden is only 25 going on 26 and I was amazed at some of the things that he has done and is doing. I had to humble myself – Shut Up and Listen – and learn from a young kid half my age!

First Alden shared about the difference between a state and a goal. Then we got into SMART goals which many of you have heard of. Then we got into some really good stuff, Alden shared some of his NLP secrets to help us achieve our goals this year.

Lots of great information here and like I said I just shut up and listened. Hope you get as much out of it as I did.



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Episode Resources

Here are the links to some of the resources that were mentioned in this podcast.

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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

Alicia shared a lot of valuable information on this podcast, here is a list of golden nuggets that I heard just to name a few!

  • Alden started young in Real Estate Investing. He was able to go full time in this industry at age 21! WOW.
  • He has been studying mindset and NLP for 4 years and is a certified NLP practitioner!
  • You can risk everything when you are young, he did that and has been very successful.
  • There is a difference between a state or a goal or an outcome.
  • There are many ways to feel a state, it is not a goal.
  • The unconscious mind makes up 95% of who you are.
  • You mind knows how to do billions of processes that you don’t even realize or think about.
  • What you don’t track, you don’t improve.
  • You can’t set goals for someone else and no one can set your goals.
  • Pay attention to the SMART goals goal setting process and it will be more achievable.
  • There are types of motivation. Away motivation (Fear) or toward Motivation (Dreams).
  • Become the person the effortlessly achieves the goal.
  • Meditate, Visualize and Focus on your goal. That will help you take action.
  • Focus on the reasons why you can and should to do something – not the reasons what you cant or it won’t work.
  • Will power only will not get you to your goals, you need to enlist the help of your unconscious minds and programs.
  • If you want to connect with Alden you can find him on Facebook or email him at [email protected]
  • Everything that you need is already inside you so just take a chance and do it!