MYM #74 Todd Sylvester ~ It’s Not Fair that I am Alive

Todd Sylvester is a Life Coach with a focus on the addictions recovery world. when you here his story you with understand why. His story is quite remarkable, he was in a very bad place, on the verge of suicide and was able to rise up and now has a great life with a great family and has made a career out of helping people that are in the bad place that he was in.

This is an amazing interview! Not because of me, I sound like I am in the bathroom, but the content and information that Todd shares is not just for the recovery world, it crosses over into business or even just getting thought the struggles of life.

If you listen to just on of my podcasts this might be the one for you!



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Show Notes

  • What do you say when someone asks “Why did my son die and your lived? That is a tough question.
  • Todd Sylvester is what you might consider a life coach. His focus is mainly in the addiction recovery world.
  • He had his first sip of alcohol at age 11.
  • He wanted to be an NBA Basketball player he practiced all the time a seventh and eighth grader!
  • Ninth grade he started with drugs, it started with Marijuana and then move on to other harder drugs.
  • Drugs cost him almost every thing. Even cause him to plan taking his own life.
  • But sometimes miracles happen. Todd was able to emerge from the darkness.
  • When you are down service can take the focus off you.
  • Todd has made a stream of income out of something that he loves but it was also something you he needed to do for himself.
  • Embrace your trials, turn them into a strengths and monetize them – turn it into a stream of income.
  • We talk to ourselves 60 to 70 thousand times a day,it is so important that we control the narrative.
  • When negative voices come in you head you need to Recognize, Refuse, Replace!
  • You are never more full alive when you are connected!
  • Maybe there is no such thing as failure if you learn something!
  • Find your WHY, if you don’t take action maybe you are not passionate about it.
  • You need to be willing to be patient
  • Todd suggest the book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek