MYM #73 TJ Menlove ~ Connect Bigger Better Faster Stronger!

In this episode I sat down with TJ Menlove and we talk about connecting and connection which is so important. But TJ is about more than just a connection he likes to facilitate: Bigger, Better, Faster and Stronger connections.

He shared his story of dealing with Mark Cuban from Shark Tank. We talked about being a great cheerleader, it is so important in being a great leader.

TJ is a stand up Comedian, Motivations Speaker and Semi-Pro Golfer (at least in his head)

This episode is packed full of great information and tools for the side hustler or entrepreneur.







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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

  • Seek to understand before you seek to understand, before you seek to be understood, react, judge or speak.
  • Connect and get to know people – figure out why you were supposed to connect with them.
  • People value being heard. God gave us 2 ears and one month for a reason!
  • TJ help get a company on Shark Tank and got the opportunity to work with Mark Cuban.
  • TJ helped with Kiss Stick, they actually get Mr Wonderful and Barbara Corcoran to kiss on the show.
  • If you are only serving needy people it is highly probable that you will eventually become needy yourself.
  • You need to build you own list and the YPC app is a tool that will help you do that.
  • Act in spite of your mood.
  • The Thinking Project is the title of Dalton’s podcast.
  • Be humble don’t judge people based on what they drive, wear or where they live.
  • Debt is an addiction, sometimes we buy stuff and do stuff for our kids because of the lack we had when we were kids.
  • If you are going to buy something by an assets, not liabilities.
  • AL Williams is one of TJ’s Biggest influences.They taught him to keep the main thing the main thing.
  • They also taught him to recognize, reward and appreciate people.Make sure they know their value.
  • Be a good Cheerleader!
  • Go Download the YPC app for free.
  • If you are on the fence on starting your side hustle just start and do something.