MYM #72 Dalton Jensen ~ The Thinking Project

On this episode I got together with Dalton Jensen of The Thinking Project and we Thought out loud together.

Dalton shared why he started his podcast The Thinking Project and what its purpose is. We also talked about some of the obstacles that came up when starting.

He shared about his new project, an online CBD store. What were some of his obstacles here and about the luck he had, it always helps to have a little luck. And If you didn’t know luck is where opportunity and preparedness meet.

Other thinking topics were: learning what it is you want to do or getting caught in something you don’t want to do, being #1 and ordering off the left side of the menu, comparitis, and of course learning from failures and How to get off the fence and get on your Side Hustle journey.

Lots of great info on this one, have a listen.






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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

  • Sometimes you think you want to do what someone else is doing until you see behind the curtains.
  • It is a great idea to go shadow a person who is doing what it is that you want to do and see if it really is what you want.
  • It is easy to compare yourself to other that have been at it  longer than you. So a better idea it to compare yourself to what you were a year ago, 3 years ago or 5 years ago. That is a better gauge.
  • Social media is a highlight real so – good or bad.
  • A great thing about a side hustle is if you get into it and find out you don’t like it, you can say uncle and find something new.
  • A couple of the hardest things about starting a podcast are one is making the commitment because it does take time and needs to be a commitment and two is learning how to interview people.
  • One to the best things about doing a podcast is getting to meet people and hear their stories.
  • The Thinking Project is the title of Dalton’s podcast.
  • Whether it is a podcast, a store, website, etc., it is not like the Field of Dreams “if you build it they will come” you have to market and put yourself out there.
  • In entrepreneurship you can’t be married to your plan, things change. That is the same with a podcast.
  • Dalton sales CBD Oil online and he really likes it and with a little luck it happened.
  • You that luck in not really luck, it is where preparedness and opportunity meet and you are willing to act.
  • Check you ego at the door – Be humble.
  • Treat people how they want to be treated.
  • Books that Dalton suggests are the first is a trilogy by Ryan Holiday ~ The Obstacle is the Way, Ego is the Enemy and Stillness is the Key
  • Next book is The Subtle Art by Mark Manson.
  • Realize that you don’t control everything but you need to act anyway.
  • Find mentors that you relate with.
  • Connect with Dalton on Intagram @daltonkjensen