MYM #71 Jan Paxman ~ I Can – I Can – I Can

Jan Paxman turned her side hustle into her main hustle and then started another side hustle. She is a great example of what can happen with if you just put yourself out there and take action.

Her first side hustle was health coaching. Out of necessity she turned that into her main hustle. She helps people lose weight, get the blood sugar under control and get all around Healthy.

But why stop there? lets start another side hustle. Enter Latter Day Armor! She had a thought one day as she was putting a cartoon band aid on person, “What if we had Gospel band aids that depicted Gospel stories and that would create Gospel conversations with your kids. She took that idea and ran with it.

Jan shares her up and down experiences from these two ventures. Since it is the beginning of the holidays we talked about the power of gratitude and what it means to her.

Great interview!


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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

Jan shared a lot of valuable information on this podcast, here is a list of golden nuggets that I heard just to name a few!

  • Find Latter Day Armor on Instagram @Latter.Day.Armor.
  • Jan’s youngest son was born when her oldest was 23, now that is an age range!
  • Jan has been a Nurse for over 30 years but then when she put on some baby weight and needed to lose it, she monetized her mindset and now had a steam of income from monetizing her weight loss journey! She loves helping others do the same.
  • In most cases working for yourself is better than taking a part time job. More money – More time – More freedom.
  • When it comes to Covid-19 we both say bust your immune system! If you give your body the nutrition it needs it can do amazing things including taking care of itself.
  • Her second side hustle came from a thought “Wouldn’t be cool if? What a great phrase. I also like What if?
  • It took eight years to get it going and it took a lot of work. She is very passionate about it!
  • When you get your business off the ground it is so fulfilling, she cried when she opened the first box of Latter Day Armor bandages!
  • .The adults need them too. They also have towels too!
  • The band aids create conversations and do good.
  • At Thanksgiving we of course talked about gratitude. What can you be grateful for.
  • Gratitude really helps. Sometimes it is really hard see what to be grateful for. Continue to look and find something.
  • Think first then you feel. So control your thoughts and you can control your thinking.
  • Don’t let your negative thought patterns control you. More opportunities come to positive people.
  • It is hard but don’t focus on the money! Focus on helping others.
  • If you are stuck and sitting on the fence, start moving forward and watch for doors to open, things will happen.
  • Until next go monetize it!