MYM #65 Spencer Barber #Squamashii ~ Animation Plus

Spencer Barber is an animator but he also side hustles. He does graphic design, helps people with YouTube SEO and has been an extra in several movies.

You have probably heard people say that the American Dream is dead or that the opportunity
is no longer there. I beg to differ, I say stop doing stuff that you don’t want to do. Spencer is the perfect example of doing what it is that he wants to do.

He has been thinking about this from a very young age. Wait until you hear about the thinking chair.

I am impressed with all of his knowledge at such a young age. I often talk about overlooking the things that you need to do for yourself. Today we are going to talk about doing the stuff that you have always wanted to do, So I am going to say it one more time, stop doing stuff you don’t want to do.



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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

Spencer shared a lot of valuable information on this podcast, here is a list of golden nuggets that I heard just to name a few!

  • The Squama means covered in scales.
  • Spencer had a gold Thinking Throne! We all probably need a Golden Thinking Throne.
  • There is a difference between Visualization and Meditation but I am not sure if my definition is correct or not.
  • Spencer started at his planning at age 13 or 14 and is making is plan come true.
  • He has multiple streams of income. The average millionaire has seven streams of income.
  • You need to pay attention to local key words when using YouTube.
  • Plan out your videos for YouTube – Make a list for you to follow.
  • You need to swing the bat, stop procrastinating. Get off the bench.
  • When making contracts make sure that you understand the ins and outs of the contract.
  • Be sure and lay down ground rules and expectations.
  • You can make some decent extra money as an extra in the movies.
  • Do what it takes to be memorable! 
  • Make a list of why you want to do what it is that you want to do.
  • Make another list – a plan of what you need to do in order.
  • You planning is important, in animation, the planning takes up 90% of the time of the job.
  • Once you get started do something in your business everyday.