MYM #64 Josh Ripley ~ JERiCo Metal Work – Taking Advantage of Covid

I Had a great interview with Josh Ripley of JERiCo Metal works. I love interviewing people that are in different genres than I have interviewed before and Josh fits that to a T.

We talked metal work, but more than that we talked mindset, marketing, finding your and marketing to your ideal clients. There are a few things that really stuck out, I love that Josh took advantage of being laid off from the Covid situation to start his own business. It also started because he need to build furniture for himself. He is monetizing what he needed to do. Love it!

Josh had several great insights on business and especially taking that first step – getting started. Which is that hardest step.

Another fun interview with great information.



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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

Josh shared a lot of valuable information on this podcast, here is a list of golden nuggets that I heard just to name a few!

  • Think of Covid as an opportunity, don’t let this slip away.
  • I love when parents teach their kids entrepreneurship.
  • Make yourself the best resource that you can be! Branch out.
  • Josh started because he needed something to do and needed a coffee table.
  • We all need a Jig – a template.
  • You need to know your ideal client and where to find them. Get feedback so that you know what they want.
  • You can sell wedding dresses at gun shows – or can you? guess that you depend on the dress.
  • You need to swing the bat, stop procrastinating. Get off the bench.
  • If you want to impact or influence the least amount of people ever – wait until it is perfect.
  • A single statement if you act upon it can change you life forever – if you don’t act nothing changes.
  • empower yourself to write you own checks.
  • Pay attention to who you are spending time with – it does make a difference.
  • Books Josh suggested:
    1. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
    2. Goals, Guts and Greatness ~ Mark O. Haroldsen
    3. The Subtle Art of not Giving a F$#% ~ Mark Manson
  • Put together a pros and cons list and if the pros out weigh the cons then just do it.
  • Once you get started do something in your business everyday.