MYM #55 – 50th Podcast Recap the Best of MYM pt 5 of 5

This is the fifth and final Recap episode. I will picking out the best information, in my opinion, from episodes 42 to 49. In the first slot is Lindsey Leigh Hobson the creator of Stick I. She is on a mission to help a million young adults break the mold and think out of the box. Next up is Phil Gerbyshak, he is a LinkedIn expert and teaches us how to use LinkedIn for business. We then talk with Jacob Paulsen of One of the things he shared with us is getting your dream domain name. Next Kristin Petrucci, she has monetized her mindset. She has 3 side hustles going right now! Sean Knudsen shares how dog training helped him with PTSD and turned into a thriving business. Then we chat with Linda the Lender – Linda Creswell about how she got started in the mortgage industry. Justin Maxwell helps us understand the R & D Tax Credit. Finally AJ Wilcox. He is a LinkedIn ads expert and shared about linked in ads and also how easy it is to go viral on LinkedIn right now.

This is a great episode I hope you enjoy it!








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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

  • This is part 5 of the best of Monetize Your Mindset, we covered podcasts 42 to 49. Lost of great info shared in those podcasts from money to generosity.