MYM #54 – 50th Podcast Recap the Best of MYM pt 4 of 5

On this weeks podcast I continue that recap in celebration of hitting the 50th episode. Tyler Olsen talks to us about Financial Planning. Les Patterson Shares and awesome story from his life and we discuss the importance of story telling. Mark Mason has some great advise for side hustlers. Ryan Camomile dropped out of college and started a company in his garage, sound familiar? Seann McWhorter gives teaches about insurance for small business and entrepreneurs, Michelle Porcelli is the resiliency lady. Kurt Zimmerman shares if it is a good time for me to sale my home and move to Japan.

Great info recapped in this podcast!

Hope you enjoy!







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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

  • This is part 4 of the best of Monetize Your Mindset, we covered podcasts 35 to 41. Lost of great info shared in those podcasts from money to generosity.
  • Tyler Olsen shares about financial planning. The one thing that you can’t get back is time so start early. He shares an IRA that is for entrepreneurs that I didn’t even know about!
  • Les Patterson shared a story from his life that so many of us would relate to. Thanks so much for sharing.
  • Mark Mason share a lot about Servant Leadership and practices what he preaches, he is an amazing Servant Leader.
  • Ryan Camomile quit school and started his a tech company in he garage! Sound familiar! Bill Gates, Steve Jobs.
  • Seann McWhorter talked about business insurance that is sometimes over looked by small businesses and side Hustlers. Make sure that your exposure is covered.
  • Michelle Porcelli the resiliency lady, teaches us about resilience.
  • Kurt Zimmerman tells me if it is a good time to put my house on the market or if I should become a realtor or not.