MYM #5 Caveman Theory to Motivation – Let your fears push you until your dreams pull you.

How do you motivate yourself when you are just not motivated? Is it lack of motivation or are you just lazy? Possibly it could be something that is natural and in our programming from many, many years ago.

I call it the Caveman Theory of motivation. it is coding in our body and we have to work to overcome it. To help overcome this issue, I use what I call the Caveman Theory for Motivation.

So in today’s podcast we talk motivation. How to get unstuck when you feel stuck. How to get motivated when you just aren’t motivated. I share action steps that I believe will. I share how you can let your fears push you until your dreams can pull you.


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Episode Resources

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Show Notes

  • Why you should really define what you need or want to accomplish?
  • Why is it important to you?
  • Define the fears that can push your.
  • Learn the strategy I to motivate myself when I just don’t feel motivated!
  • Talk it cheap, we need to act and the Caveman Theory for Motivation can help push you into action.