MYM #48 Justin Maxwell ~ Are you getting the credit you deserve? The tax credit!

Great episode this week with Justin Maxwell. He introduces us to tax credits that exist for so many businesses that go unclaimed. Thousands of dollars in tax credits. Would you like a piece of that? I know I would!

Justin shares his story of how he was a P.E. teach and decided he need more money and more out of life and he monetized his mindset. He has an interesting story and is now doing something that makes a difference financially to a lot of people.

This was a great interview!





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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

  • Money isn’t everything but if you are not paid enough there are other ways to make a living. Justin found left a job that he liked for that reason and found something that is fulfilling and profitable to him.
  • Did you know there was a tax credit that is available that if you keep records on your progress, you may be able to qualify for it?
  • I believe everybody should have a side hustle especially W-2 employees, for the financial security and the tax benefits.
  • Tax credits are not the same a tax deductions. Justin shares about tax credits that are available to many businesses and entrepreneurs. It doesn’t hurt to apply.
  • Learning through endurance can lead to success.
  • Everybody has fear and that is good thing, how you react is what is important.
  • Scheduling your time properly is so important. Quit procrastinating.
  • There is something that happens in your brain when you write down you schedule.
  • Invest in yourself so that you become more valuable and hit your true potential.