MYM #45 Kristin Petrucci – Pineapple Doesn’t Belong on Pizza!

This week we answered the question that has been on everybody’s mind, ” Does pineapple belong on pizza?”

Kristin is an Mompremeur! She is running three different side hustles. We talked Italian cooking, Gratitude Journals, and men’s feelings and how she has monetized them.

It was funny when she asked me “what do men need?” I should have just said, “men need a happy wife.” Isn’t that what they say? Happy wife, happy life.

Another fun and interesting interview.





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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

  • Get around like minded people. It is so important to surround yourself with people that propel you forward and not drag you down.
  • Lead those who you can relate to, those that you can serve.
  • If you just preach at people nobody will follow. You have to get vulnerable and share about you.
  • Learn from the situations that you find yourself in. If you weren’t prepared this time learn from that and get prepared for the next time.
  • Put yourself out there. Just do it and see what happens. The other choice is to quit.
  • Everybody has fear and that is good thing, how you react is what is important.
  • If you wait for the perfect time, the perfect place, if you wait for everything to be perfect you will be waiting all your life.