MYM #43 Phil Gerbyshak – Keys to Using LinkIn plus the Three H’s!

Phil Gerbyshak helps people prospect better and sell more. We talk about how to use LinkIn to build your business.

We talked about the 3 H’s: Human – Help – Humility.

Phil is currently, I’m serving 140+ sales professionals and sales leaders as the Vice President of Sales Training at Vector Solutions. He is known as a Sales, Leadership and Technology Authority with a particular expertise in inside sales, LinkedIn and social selling.

Lots of great information in this episode!





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Key Takeaways and Things to Listen For

  • This seems obvious but how many people really do it? It is so important to genuinely care about people.
  • Learn about Phil’s 3 H’s Human – Help – Humility.
  • If you have a message that you share, you better live your message because people are watching.
  • LinkIn is an active sport. It is the same with other social media platform. There are ways to game the systems but the ROI is not there when you game the system.
  • Get dressed before you get busy – Start with your profile.
  • We build our network the same way we build our life.
  • Follow up and follow through on your promises. Deliver on what you promise
  • Be More you and practice, practice, practice.