MYM #34 Jesse B. Good – The Power of Good or Bad Customer Service!

How important is customer service?

If your customer experience is good how do you feel? If is bad will you come back? What about if it is neutral neither bad nor good?

Jesse B. Good is a Customer Experience Fanatic – Customer Science Expert. We talk about giving a great customer Experience! Customer experience is the most powerful source of sales and marketing in an organization.

If you were to ask businesses if they give good customer service 80% say yes but if you ask the customers only 8% say they receive good customer service.

If you deal with the public either directly or through your employees – Where do you stand?





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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

  • If you have employees you need to give them customer service training. Less than 10% of businesses do.
  • Jesse’s 3 step process is Discover – Deliver – Do more
  • Create the proper expectation and follow through with what you commit to.
  • Most customers don’t complain about your bad customer service they just leave and never come back.
  • Neutral or average customer service can be almost as bad as BAD customer service.
  • Customer service can be trained. Only about 5% don’t have any hope of being trained!