MYM #24 Michelle McCullough – Follow your Intuition, follow your gut, it is probably right!

Michelle has hosted the Marketing Blue Print for eight years now. I have attended the past two years.I learned so much at both events about planning and goal setting so I figured I would have her on the Monetize Your Mindset podcast to give us some pointers to get prepared for 2020! We talked about choosing a word for the year. This is something that I have never done until now. But I had to choose 3 Courage, Confidence and Credibility. Then Michelle shared about following your intuition, your gut. She gave us lots of ideas to help us plan for 2020, enjoy!



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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

  • Michelle has been a speaker for 15 years, she speaks in the high performance and marketing space. She is the past president of the Mountain West Chapter of the NSA.
  • Her new book is The HappyIST – 30 Happy Habits – A Tip Book for the HappyIST Life .
  • Michelle chooses a word that she can focus on for the year before she even starts setting goals for the year.
  • Choose habit based goals over results based goals.
  • Make sure your word and goals excite you. Don’t choose them because you that is what other people think you should choose.
  • Don’t overload yourself with too many goals, focus on a few and accomplish them instead of setting too many and accomplish none of them.