MYM #21 Kris Barney – Dealing with Tragedy and Stress during the Holidays through Service and Gratitude

It is Christmas time and sometimes that can cause a little stress. Financial stress or maybe the stress of bad news or even tragic news while everyone is happy and joyful. How do you deal with that? On this episode of the Monetize Your Mindset podcast we talk with Kris Barney about some ideas that may help with exactly that, if implemented. And it doesn’t have to be Christmas stress that this works on. I hope you enjoy this episode



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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

  • Understand that it is the experiences that we remember more than the gifts!
  • Gratitude and complaining can not coexist.
  • If bad things are happening, try to look outside yourself and serve others. there are people that could be in a worse situation than you.
  • Gratitude will change how you feel about things.
  • Be a good receiver, you are allowing someone who needs to be the giver give.
  • Generosity and service can get anyone out of a funk and change their to a rich life. What ever comes through you, you absorb.
  • Find the service that serves you, there are so many ways to serve if you look for them!
  • Take a look at the Red Barn and the Haven.