MYM #19 Julie MacNeil – The 50 Year Secret

In this episode it sit down with Julie MacNeil, she is a Financial Planner, Speaker, Trainer and the Author of “The 50 Year Secret”. Julie and I have been friends about four years now. We were actually writing our books at the same time. Her book has won a couple of awards and is in the running for American Book Fest – Best Book Award for Narrative Non-Fiction. She was already an amazing financial planner and It has been amazing to watch her turn into a great speaker and trainer. We talk about some of the advantages of being an entrepreneur that she has experienced in her life.


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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

  • Evaluate the risk of going out on your own, is it something that you are ready for?
  • Julie has a passion for educating everyone about Alpha-1 Antitrypsin deficiency disorder.
  • Do your homework diligently while investing!
  • Always know that even if something goes wrong and you find yourself in a hole, you can always climb back up and be back on top!
  • Find what it is you want to do and go for it. Always remember that if you start something and find out that you hate it, don’t be afraid to just say that it is part of the process of finding what it is you want to do and start something else.
  • Books to read: The 50 Year Secret ~ Julie MacNeil