MYM #15 Sydney Jackson – Living Through the Tragedy, Coming out on Top in Triumph!
This is my favorite interview thus far! Not to play favorites but Sydney’s attitude and grit are just unbelievable. The tragedies that she has gone though and come out fighting and on top and she is only twenty five years old. I will let her tell her story but if you are looking to be inspired, learn coping skills and how to follow your dreams in the eyes of adversity, you will not want to miss this episode. You will definitely come out on the other a better person. I did! You will love the Lemon story – so touching! Sydney is just amazing!


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Show Notes and Key Takeaways

As you will see in this episode attitude is everything. I love when Sydney said, I may only live to 45 years old so I have a lot to do.

  • Here is a list of her trials: Sister dies of cancer Dad gets Cancer Sydney herself is diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 13 Brother is diagnosed with cancer and looses his leg Dad passed away Brother passed away She gets divorced She gets a tumor on her only good eye Husband commits suicide Four year old daughter is diagnosed with a brain tumor I thought I had trials.
  • Monetize what you are already doing! Be willing to take the risk and go out on your own!
  • Age doesn’t matter. Old or young it just take gumption!
  • You may have to do stuff for free or cheap to get the experience you need.
  • You are going to have to work hard and long hours! Sometimes you will have to make huge sacrifices to follow you dreams!
  • You may need to supplement your income by doing jobs that may not be ideal as you go after your dreams!
  • Sydney learned that even though she is a horse trainer she is not in the horse business she is in the PEOPLE business. And most businesses are about connection and customer service.
  • You can’t get time back so spend it wisely!
  • She share a coping skill that helped her through her many trials.
  • When life hands you lemons… Great story!