MYM #11 Clint Pulver – What do you do when plans derail?

In this episode I sat down with Clint Pulver! This young man is unbelievable! He is so talented in so many ways! He shared so much great information. He was diagnosed with a rare degenerative eye disorder that derailed his DREAMS – his plans of becoming a helicopter pilot, here what he did to change his direction – TWICE. One of his favorite quotations that helped change his life, “To live is the rarest things in the world, for most people exist and that all. ~ Oscar Wilde


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Show Notes

  • When life derails your dreams don’t settle, build new a new dream!
  • Don’t just chase the money, find something you love, provides for your needs and is bigger than yourself.
  • Create a detailed plan of where you want to go and what you want to do/be.
  • If you want to get good at basketball hang out at the hoop. Hang with people doing what it is that you want to do
  • Books that are a must read: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years ~ Donald Miller Story Brands ~ Donald Miller